All available cutters

Cutters are tools that are needed for the High Precision Cutter to operate. They come in different tiers, the higher the tier, the more recipes they can be used in.

The durability associated with the cutters are only relevant inside the High Precision Cutter, if they are used in any other crafting recipe, the cutter will be destroyed, so cutting a block of diamond into Diamond Films using the Hardened Cutter should only be done until the proper machinery for it can be crafted, since you will loose the cutter. The coefficients associated with the cutters are multiplied with the time and energy respectively needed in a High Precision Cutter recipe, so a cutter with lower coefficients will be faster and/or use less energy but will normally also cost more to craft in the first place. Additonally damageable cutters can be enchanted with unbreaking, which will increase the total number of uses.

Item Tier Damage Energy Coefficient Time Coefficient
1 One time use 3 2
Hardened Cutter
2 Damageable (500) 1 1
Nether Star Shard
3 Damageable (1250) 0.9 0.8
Diamond Coated Nether Star Shard
4 Unbreakable 0.5 0.5
Laser Cutter
3 Damageable (100) 3 3

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